Arjun Kapoor: 'I had my own struggles'



Mumbai, May 16 -- Star kids will tell you that when it comes to making acting debuts, things are no different for them. But Arjun Kapoor, son of producer Boney Kapoor, accepts that it does "open doors".

His second film, Aurangzeb, opens a rather big one - this is Yash Raj Films' first big release after the demise of filmmaker Yash Chopra. Here, Arjun talks about the film, the rumoured fight with his Gunday co-star Ranveer Singh and his relationship with mentor Salman Khan and family.

Do star kids have it easy?

It's not our fault that we were born in the industry, but it's our duty to make the most of it and do good work. I don't think anyone sitting in Jabalpur or the interiors of the country cares what my surname is. Yes, I make sure I know what's around me and I make the most of it. It'd be stupid not to. It's easier to meet people and have doors open for you, but once you're in, it's your work that will speak. I don't think (producer) Aditya Chopra will spend money on a newcomer just because he's someone's son. I had to audition for my movies; I had my own struggles.

You're close to Salman Khan and his family. How did you maintain relations after you and Arpita (Salman's sister) parted ways?

Arpita and I dated a long time ago. The equation with the Khans hasn't changed a bit. That's the magnanimity of that family. It's difficult for exes to be friends; so we don't hang out the way we used to, but when we meet, we talk.