Archie Comics to tie up with Bollywood film


By Hindustan Times

Archie Comics, which had earlier warned the makers of the movie Boyss To Boyss Hain with a legal suit, has now settled for an out-of-court settlement. Hindustan Times had first reported on the issue in January.

Archie’s New York office had warned the movie’s makers of a suit of about Rs 7 to 8 crore, if the film went ahead with its production. Says Vikramaditya Narayan, marketing director of the film, “The reason we got into trouble in the first place is because some crew members made statements that said that the film is similar to Archie. The comic’s New York office caught the stories in the press and approached us saying they would take legal action.”

The issue has now been sorted and the New York-based comic strip has tied up with the film. “During promotions in colleges and educational institutions, we will give credit to Archie. The modalities for the tie-up are being right now worked up,” says Narayan. He also
stresses on the fact that the film has been dragged into controversy for no reason, “Boyss To Boyss Hain is set in Delhi, not Riverdale. The characters are from places like Bihar, UP and South India, and they are not like Veronica and Betty. It’s just that while reading the story, our writer mentioned the name of Archie to the cast. And the cast in turn spread the word.”