AR Rahman jams with Mick Jagger

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 4 -- On Thursday, Indian music maestro AR Rahman and international rock star Mick Jagger, announced the launch of an album called Super Heavy, featuring collaborations between Rahman, Jagger, British rocker Dave Stewart, Bob Marley's son Damian and soul singer Joss Stone.

Rahman says the project began in 2009. "18 months ago, we experimented at a studio in LA, trying to write songs which had meaning... We had a couple of more sessions after that trying to perfect every song that was written," he says, adding the album now has 16 to 18 songs and all have a "world sound".

"Mick and Dave's incredible musicality and Joss's soul singing, Damien Marley's Jamaican influence and philosophies and me bringing musicality from my world, give the album sounds from world over," he says.


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