Apache to come out with biopic


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Dec 14 -- Apache Indian aka Steven Kapur, who once made headlines with hits like 'Chok there...' and 'Boom shak a lak...' and then went into oblivion, is back. And this time around, he proudly confirms that a film is being made on his life.

"A movie called Apache Indian is being made, which is set to be completed in two years. It's a kind of like a Bend It Like Beckham story," Apache says, adding, "The script has already been written, but a few changes are yet to be made. The filmmakers recently told me who's playing the young Apache. We will shoot in Australia, India and Japan. The director is Indian, but I can't reveal more about it at this juncture." Return from hibernation So why had Apache gone into hibernation? "In India, unless you are seen on screen, they think you are dead," he says. I've been maintaining a low profile. While I've performed in 27 countries across the world, India and its music industry will always be big for me."

The British composer of Indian origin has also released his new album, Home Run. His previous album, Sadhu - The Movement, came out in 2007. What does the new album's name signify? "It's named so, because I'm coming back to India. I might be born in the UK, but I'm still a foreigner all over the world, and in India too. I wanted to spend more time in India and make a home here."

The new album is a mix of Apache's old collaborations with Asha Bhosle, AR Rahman and Shaggy, as well as some new tracks. "The old songs are in demand by the new generation. They couldn't forget these songs. I've added some of my favourite songs too, and I'd love my fans to hear them again. People want to hear Asha Bhosle, so why not. All these tracks meant something to me," Apache says, adding, "I have another album coming in the new-year called Music Is Freedom. I want to get the ball rolling in the new year."