Anushka Sharma: 'Why make a fuss?'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 25 -- Last month, it was reported that Anushka Sharma was caught getting 'up, close and personal' with Shahid Kapoor at a private party.

Shahid refused to speak about the matter, but expressed his anger on Twitter. Anushka was silent. But bring up the topic now, and she snaps, "So what if we partied together? As actors from the same age group, can't we go out for coffee or a meal? Shahid and I live close by. We were going for the same party, so wouldn't any friend pick and drop the other? Why make a fuss?"

She adds, "The description of what we were doing there was awful. We were all a bunch of young colleagues and no one would indulge in spreading such baseless stories." The actors, Anushka admits, haven't spoken to each other about that episode.

"Shahid is a friend. We didn't feel the need to. My parents also didn't find it essential to ask me about it because they know me," says the actor, who is gearing up for her fourth YRF movie, Ladies V/s Ricky Bahl. "Once Kajol had said that as public figures, we're expected to be emotionless towards anything that's written about us. At times, I let it pass. But this was cheap. The writer even apologised to me after the article came out. But what was the point then?"

Apart from Shahid, stories about Anushka having an alleged affair and break-up with her upcoming film's costar, Ranveer Singh, have also consistently surfaced. "I'm tired of that! I've given up on Ranveer because he is unpredictable. He can say anything anywhere. But he is a great buddy of mine," says Anushka, adding, "I hope after this film, we're not asked questions on our relationship because beyond friendship, there is nothing."