Anushka Sharma: 'I am not Rajnikanth'


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Oct. 27 -- Two-films old Anushka Sharma is the only known face in YRF's December release, Band Baaja Baraat. However, she insists that the pressure of driving the audience to the cinema halls does not rest on her. "I don't understand this concept. I can't act extra or ask the director to give me more lines," says Sharma. "I'll still play the role the same way. If the film is nice, it will do well even if I'm a newcomer. If people like the promos, they will watch the movie."

But, the actor admits that her film lacks star power, which may affect its opening. "Some people will refer to Band Baaja Baraat as Anushka Sharma's film because they have seen me in another film before. But that doesn't mean we don't promote the film. I'm not Rajnikanth, right?" she says. "We can't just come out with a movie and expect it to sell."

Does this mean that she's apprehensive of her film's fate? "We're like a tiny paan shop if you compare us with the other releases in the same week or month," says Sharma. "But, this paan shop is the best of the lot."

Band Baaja Baraat is also Sharma's third film under her three-film deal with Yash Raj Films. Would she work with them again? "There are no plans as yet. But, since I have two hits in my name, they may consider me again," she says.

Sharma plays Delhi-based Shruti Kakkar in the flick. Asked about the challenges she faced while playing the role, and she says, "Getting the lingo right was the toughest because the girls there have a tendency to talk fast, sometimes mix words and even omit words completely. The way (co-star) Ranveer and my characters talk is crude but cute," she says.