Anurag Kashyap reacts to No Smoking reviews, critics


By IndiaFM

No Smoking released yesterday with very high expectations. However, the film received lot of bad from the film critics, most of them rating the film with a single star (which obviously means bad). Anurag Kashyap, the director of No Smoking was not very happy looking at the way people bad mouthed his film in their reviews. Hence, he posted his response to the reviews and most importantly the “reviewers” in a very “colorful” language on his personal blog. Following are the excerpts of what Anurag had to say:

“Sitting in rome reading the extreme reactions and reviews.. Khalid reviewed me and not the film and from his review all i can say is neither has he read “Quitter's inc” nor has he seen “cat's eye”.. he just read the comments on PFC.. and i will say to him is , “Ch**iye tu retire ho ja , tera time khatam.” Rajeev masand's POV is quite fair.. he expected a lot..probably another black friday but he is an honest man.. his review was more anger than criticism.. only thing that upset me was him calling it the worst movie of the probably is from his POV but then he should have broken an Ostrich's egg on camera and i would have bought it.. reviews that the film has got were expected.. everyone involved and who had seen it had warned me about it..but then that's the price you pay for being arrogant..

Yes it is an arrogant is a film about arrogance.. of two kinds..why i made it , the way i made it, the reasons i have never discussed it before.. it is (like thani said) my most personal movie.. i am K.. K's arrogance is the obvious arrogance, that everyone sees everyday.. he smokes..he breathes nicotine.. he says no one tells me what to do.. i breathe cinema.. and forever everyone has been telling me not to make the kind of cinema i do.. NO SMOKING is a tale of an arrogant man and another who is much more arrogant, who lives in his world, where he controls everything and he thinks he is morally superior to any existing Homo sapiens, he is the kind of man who thrives on minorities and underpriveleged, he worships the dictatorian attitude and all he wants from you is to lose your soul and convert….it,s a tale about an arrogant man's descent into morality.. and the architecture of the moral world is so absurd that it sometimes beats reality.. what happens in the film is a parallel to what happens in the real world... the film is about my struggle against the system to have the freedom to (smoke)make films..


Since i do not have the liberty, and i get banned everytime i am directly stating my opinions (we started shooting much before Black friday got the clearence), one has to wage a guerilla war.. no smoking is my guerrilla war.. and in the end the man loses to the system and the only way he can survive is after having lost his soul(freedom).. everyone expects a good versus evil film, where good wins over evil, where the end sums it up, and all is well at the end.. well it doesn't happen here.. here K doesn't want to, but never comes to know how and when he gave in to the system, but accepts it and starts to do what his own people did to him,,why? in order to survive.. why his treatment becomes an incomprehensible nightmare, because it does in real life, i am the living proof..this film is just the treatment the powerful(baba Bangali) puts K(the man whose allusions are of greatness, seemingly invincible) through to bring him over to his side and manages.. there is nothing more.. i have seen the industry's waking conscience when FANAA got banned in gujrat, and reading hrithik roshan's democratic rights speech in midday the next mornig,, never saw none of that solidarity when my two films got banned..

Have had my film scripts stolen from right under me by the most powerful, respected and supposedly just people and did not see anyone even whispering it..and yes i am arrogant, because i work very hard to put my neck and my sense of security and my goodwill on line.. i do not scratch anyones back.. i criticise those who will always get the oppurtunity to trash me like they have this time.. i live on my own terms in this spineless world and that makes me arrogant, and i would rather have a good review when people like my film than by being on good terms with them..

In the end i do not want to explain no smoking any further and would say i prefer it over Black Friday and i love every bit of it and i still hope it finds it's audience and makes money for my producer who trusted me to make this film.”