Anurag Kashyap and wife Kalki: Child friendly!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Feb. 24 -- Okay, now I have this birdy who's flown in from Goa. And on her way, she found Anurag Kashyap and wife Kalki at the airport. The couple was returning from a shaadi. Oh, I thought it was a mini-honeymoon!

Anyway, the duo was happily chatting away with each other. And thank God, they weren't coochiecooing in public, unlike some others we know who can't get their hands off each other. In a bit, a couple of kids approached them for autographs. Guess what?

They not only signed their books but also gave them goodies and chocolates. Waah! Kya baat hai...But is all this child friendly behaviour hinting at something else... some good news coming our way? You can sit and guess, main to chali udhar, jidhar chale rasta! After all such is life dearies!