Anurag Basu: 'Haven't bought Prison Break rights'



Mumbai, July 4 -- Bollywood director Anurag Basu started his career with TV. He directed the show Tara and produced Love Story. Now, the Barfi! (2012) director will return to TV. However, he's amused by the recent news reports claiming he's making an Indian adaptation of the hit American TV show Prison Break.

"I don't know where people get such news from. The only connection I have with the show is that Brett Ratner (one of the executive producers of Prison Break) was the presenter of the international version of my film Kites (2010). I have not bought the rights to any international series... It never ever occured to me to buy the rights to Prison Break," he says.

Reports claimed Basu would be the creative director and co-producer of the desi version and that Ratner was instrumental in signing the deal a few months ago.

Basu says he's only working on original content. "I am all for producing TV shows. I'm working on two ideas right now, but neither of them are Prison Break, for sure. Everything I'm working on is original. Things are at an initial stage, and until I have a signed contract with a channel, I can't comment," he says.