Anupama Chopra's review: Vishwaroop

By Hindustan Times

Direction: Kamal Haasan
Actors: Kamal Haasan
Rating: ***

Vishwaroop has to be admired for its scale and ambition. Director, co-producer, co-writer and hero Kamal Haasan is attempting here to launch a franchise for himself. This first installment includes RAW agents, al Qaeda operatives, Osama Bin Laden and something called a cesium bomb, which promises to lay New York barren for two decades. The film is more Ek Tha Tiger than Zero Dark Thirty but parts of it, especially the beginning and the portions in al Qaeda camps, are engrossing. And for the record, I didn't find anything offensive in the material.

In fact, Kamal Haasan actually attempts to give the terrorists a context. The film shows us the collateral damage inflicted by America's war on terror, how children are indoctrinated from childhood into