Anupam Kher starts 'School Of Life' education programme for underprivileged kids


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

This week Anupam Kher launches his most precious dream plan since his 'Actor Prepares' acting school.

As part of the Anupam Kher Foundation, the 'School Of Life' programme is meant to provide education to children from the underprivileged sections.

A day before the ambitious plan was to be opened to the press, Anupam Kher spoke exclusively on his dream scheme. "We want to provide education to the disadvantaged kids, children who were born in impoverished families, or were destitute by destiny or forced to beg and feed themselves on the street from slums and the poor sections. We've formulated a life plan that would not only provide them with education but also show them how to cope with the situations that put them in the compromised position vis-a-vis our social milieu."

Says Anupam, "We're calling it the 'School Of Life' because we want to show kids how not to get frustrated with the knocks of life, how to deal with poverty, humility and rejection and the other negative forces in life. We want to prepare our children to combat abuse in every guise so that there would be no child abuse and no children growing up as victims of alcohol and drug abuse."

The children's education scheme will be run by a team helmed by Ujjawal Chatterjee, the young man whom Anupam discovered during the Times Of India's Lead India campaign.

"I'll focus on raising the funds. I want this programme to reach the furthest corner of our country. Because there're many people who want to come forward to provide assistance to the needy but don't know how to," says Anupam.