Anupam Kher gifts Ang Lee the Ramayan & Bhagwat Gita ...

By IndiaFM News Bureau

imageIs Ang Lee

all set to make a film in India? Going by his enthusiasm and passion

for Indian culture it seems most likely.

"In fact," Anupam Kher is currently shooting with Ang Lee in

Shanghai, "I presented Ang with illustrated copies of the Ramayan and

Mahabharat in English translations. I was thinking of taking along a

Buddha statuette. Mahesh Bhatt advised me on what to take. Ang was

completely taken up with them. It's quite likely that he'd turn to our

culture. Ang Lee is an extremely adventurous filmmaker. If Brokeback

Mountain was about homosexuality my film with Ang is about human

relationships during World War II."

Anupam is bowled over by the director's graciousness. "When we met

the first thing he said to me was, 'It's an honour to meet you, Mr

Kher. Thank you for agreeing to work in my film.' I nearly choked on

his modesty."

Anupam and Ang now spend considerable time talking about Indian

culture. Will Anupam's persuasion bring Ang to India next? After

Francis Coppola whose next film is partly set in India, Ang Lee could

be our next Hollywood visitor.