Anupam Kher to do Pakistani film, steps into Boman's role

By Subhash K. Jha, Indo-Asian News Service


April 22 (IANS) A play on screen, an India-Pakistan co-production, a

thriller, a name it and Anupam Kher is doing it.

He has just completed a laugh riot called "Victoria 203" where he

teams up with Om Puri. He next joins Om's closest peer Naseeruddin Shah

to do a thriller called "Wednesday" with new director Neeraj Pathak.

And then, Anupam is to do his first play on screen, "Karodon Mein


Says Anupam, "Many years ago, I had seen a play by Makarand

Deshpande called 'Karodon Mein Ek'. I badly wanted to play Makarand's

part. And now I have the chance to do the film version that Makarand will

direct. The minute it was offered to me I accepted. It's the role of a man

with multiple personality disorders."

With his experience in theatre, Anupam hopes to combine theatre and

cinema in his performance.

His most unusual assignment this year though is Shashi Ranjan's

comedy called "Mungeri Rocks", which is an India-Pakistan co-

production. "It will have Indian and Pakistani actors and will be shot in


Anupam is unfazed by the fact that the role was first offered to Boman

Irani. "Every role has its own destiny. I was supposed to play Mogambo in

'Mr India' until Amrish Puri stepped in."

He is excited by the prospect of being in a film that will take his

creativity across the border.

"I'm going through a very exciting phase where I'm doing plum roles in

small films. Boman, Naseer, Om and me are eligible for similar roles. But I

don't see us as interchangeable. If Naseer does a 'Parzania', I do a 'Khosla

Ka Ghosla'. We're all well-positioned in our respective careers."