Anupam Kher in a 6-D film


By IndiaFM

India In Motion is a film produced by an Israel-based company Orpan. It is a 25-minute long, six-dimensional (6-D) film. Anupam Kher will be the narrator for the film.

The film is based on Indian history from the ancient Mohenjodaro to the present. A theatre that can show case this 6-D movie is being built in partnership with Adlabs at Agra near the Taj Mahal. People can not only see but feel, smell and touch all the images and visuals in this film. Only two films have been made in this series, one on Israel, the other on Italy. The legendary Topol narrates the one on Israel, which is only 3-D.

When Ori Yarden offered the narrator’s part to Anupam Kher, he gave his consent almost immediately. Anupam Kher flew earlier this week to Tel Aviv for this historic venture.