Anu Malik: 'My work was ahead of its time'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Feb. 16 -- The use of words like 'sexy' in songs such as 'Shiela ki jawani...' made headlines recently. But according to singer-composer Anu Mallik, he first used it in the film Khuddar for the controversial Karisma Kapoor item number 'Sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole...' way back in 1994.

"I did that stuff 15 years ago. Now, when people talk about every song having English words, I get amused... I started that trend," says Mallik, who is currently basking in the success of his number 'Tinku jiya...' from Yamla Pagla Deewana. "At that time, my name was mentioned in the Time magazine, and I believe, news of that song was even discussed in the parliament. I think a lot of my work was ahead of its time."

Referring to item numbers like 'Chamma chamma...' from China Gate (1998) and 'Kali kali aankhen...' from Baazigar (1993), which Mallik created over 10 years ago, he says that he finished doing what is in 'trend' right now a long time ago. "Once I've recorded something, I don't want to repeat that again and again," he says.

For now, he has his hands full as loads of new projects poured in after his composition 'Tinku jiya...' became popular. "I have signed up four mega films, and one more should get confirmed soon. Good news is that I may be composing for all these films by myself. I am not sharing credit with anyone, even though the concept of having multiple composers is rampant nowadays," he adds.

Though back in the days he used to work on more than 25 films in a year, his new policy does not allow him to accommodate more than five films annually. "The feeling that people are waiting for my kind of music is a good one. Competition is also tough these days with musicians 12 to 13 years younger than me being around," he says.

"Now people want music 'Anu Mallik style'. The kind of item numbers that are popular today were passe a few years ago. But now, they're 'cool'. I always told people, this is commercial music and this is what Bollywood is all about," he adds.