Anu Malik allows Satish Kaushik to use two of his compositions in Teree Sang


By Subhash K. Jha Bollywood Hungama News Network

The brief grief phase between filmmaker Satish Kaushik and music composer Anu Malik is over. The legal notice that Anu sent Satish Kaushik after a majority of the composer's songs from Kaushik's Teree Sang were removed has now been revoked.

Anu had demanded that all and not just part of his music score be removed from the film. However, Satish felt that was impossible. "I had shot the two Anu Malik songs at a huge expense and they're integral to the story. There was no way I could remove them. Anyway, Anu called from London and we both got very emotional talking about all the good times and fab tunes we shared in the past."

The composer has now agreed to let Satish retain the two songs in Teree Sang. Says Satish, "I'll be thanking Anu and his talented daughter Anmol in the credits titles of Teree Sang. Beyond that Anu doesn't want his name to appear in any of the film's publicity. I respect his wishes and will definitely do what he wants."

Speaking on Anu's daughter Anmol, Satish says, "She's a very talented girl and bound to go very far. I'd like to work with her again at the first given opportunity."