Anoushka Shankar: An overjoyed mommy!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, March 16 -- Musician Anoushka Shankar, who's son Zubin is a now three weeks old, will release her so-far untitled solo album later this year. Shankar will also tour India in December-January to promote the album. However, the musician, who had been working and recording all through her pregnancy, is currently on maternity leave.

Her filmmaker husband, Joe Wright, whose film Hanna is slated to release in April, has also reduced his working hours. "Joe is working less and is therefore able to be with Zubin and me a lot right now. But he is developing his next film, so, slowly he will be working more and more again. I, for the most part, am on maternity leave for a few months, having worked right through the pregnancy. I don't want to miss a moment of this," says Shankar.

Describing her newfound high of mommyhood, she says, "It's still not sinking in that I am a mom. I look at his face and can't believe he was inside me. Feeding him is when I feel most connected to the fact that he's my son and that my body provides for him. It's the most wonderful and surreal experience I've ever had," she says.

And who does Zubin resemble between the two parents? "He seems to be a mix of both of us and our parents. It's still hard to tell as his features are changing so much," she says.

Asked her if they are planning a nursery for Zubin, and the doting mommy says, "We are planning one of the rooms in our house in London to eventually be his bedroom. But, we have everything he needs, in our room, right now. We can't dream of putting him in another room."

She says that both her and Joe's families are "overjoyed". "It feels really beautiful to make people happy this way. My father, in particular, has really blown me away. He seems younger when he's with Zubin, and comes everyday to play with him. It's really moving."