Anjana's weight woes!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 7 -- Mottu's really asking for a scolding. Why else would she insist on pakaoing me with a snippet on Anjana Sukhani now? The bubbly gal was doing a photo-session the other day, and one of the changes required her to wear hot pants.

Nothing wrong in that, but Mots claims she overheard the assistant cribbing about the extra kilos the Sukhani lass had piled on recently. Seems he was telling his friend that he'll have to do plenty of photoshop work on the actress' photograph. Aur pata hai kya? He also hoped that someone gifted Anjana a weighing scale soon, so she could keep a regular watch on her weight, Mottu recalls. Ha ha ha ha.. Must say for once, Mottu can be really funny. After all, such is life dearies.