Anil Kapoor, wife move into Taj


By Hindustan Times

Actor Anil Kapoor is putting his best foot forward to play the perfect host to Hollywood star Tom Cruise. Since Tom hardly knows anyone in India, the actor and his wife Sunita have gone a step ahead and moved into the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers located in Colaba for as long as the MI:4 actor is in town.

“Tom’s schedule is very tight and traveling from Juhu everyday would be cumbersome. That’s why we decided to move into the hotel for as long as he is here. It would be convenient for everyone. Also, a lot of my friends, including my international agent, are in Mumbai. So staying at the hotel will help me take care of them,” confirms Anil.

Meanwhile, Sunita personally looked into all the arrangements, especially the food and decor, for the big bash that was organised at the hotel on Saturday. Adds Anil, “I asked her (Sunita) if she could see to it that the arrangements are fine.”

The actor’s daughters, Sonam and Rhea, were expected to meet their parents and Tom at the party directly. While the gala was to be hosted at a roof-top venue at the hotel, it was shifted to the ballroom due to the large guest-list comprising 150 people.

Tom arrived in Delhi early on Saturday to promote his next film, Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol. Anil was present at the airport to welcome him to the country. Within a few hours of his checking into the Leela Palace in Chanakyapuri, Tom and his entourage, accompanied by Anil, departed for Agra, to visit the Taj Mahal. However, due to the weather conditions in Delhi, the trip to Agra was delayed by two hours. “Tom was absolutely mesmerised by the Taj. He found it incredible. He loved the fact that such a monument could be built in the 15th century. He loved every moment of it,” says Anil. The actors arrived in Mumbai on Saturday at around 5.30 pm on a private charter.