Anil Kapoor wants to play Raj Kapoor


By IndiaFM

Rituparno Ghosh has done it again! He has yet again won a prestigious international award. This time it's the Italian government's prized 'Premio Arca D'Oro' awarded earlier to artistes like symphonist Zubin Mehta and pianist-composer-singer Paolo Conti.

But right now Rituparno is more flattered than amused because the award is to be given to him at the end of 2008 in Turin. "They've even fixed on a date, Friday 5 December 2008 for the award. While I'm very impressed by their meticulous planning who knows where I'd be a year from now?"
Having been a recipient of innumerable national and international awards, Rituparno is now being called the new-age Satyajit Ray. "That's preposterous," exclaims Ritu. "Satyajit Ray is the Bharat Ratna, the winner of the Oscar for lifetime achievement. His films have won the highest national and international awards. How could I be compared with him? But yes, Satyajit Ray's influence shows in my work."

Wasn't Rituparno Ghosh planning a film on the life of Satyajit Ray? "Not Satyajit Ray," corrects Rituparno. "He's too close to me historically and aesthetically to even attempt a film on his life. But yes, Raj Kapoor…I do want to make a film on Raj Kapoor's life. Anil Kapoor once offered that I make a bio-pic where he'd play Raj Kapoor. I like the idea. I think there's a lot of RK in AK's personality. I wonder if Anil is still interested."