Anil Kapoor heads to Toronto film festival

By Hindustan Times

Post Slumdog Millionaire (2008) and its haul at the Academy Awards, Anil Kapoor has become a known face in the west. The actor, owing to his global image, has now been invited for a special segment, In Conversation, at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). A source close to the actor reveals, “Being invited for this event, which is hosted by Noah Cowan of TIFF Bell Lightbox, is a huge honour for Anil. It’s reserved only for people with a considerable body of work behind them, and those who have global recognition. Anil is well known and that’s one reason why he has been invited. He’s thrilled.”

At the event, which will be a 60-minute chat with the actor, his films will be discussed at length. The source says, “In India, Anil has won a lot of accolades. And in a short period of time, he