Anil heads for Australia after shooting delays


By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Sep 23 (IANS) Anil Kapoor has finally headed for Australia to shoot Subhash Ghai's "Main Yuvraj" after his dates all went awry due to shooting delays in two of his current projects.

But Anil isn't complaining and says it's all part of life.

"Subhash Ghai's 'Main Yuvraj' got delayed because of Salman's problems. Saif's dates were messed up for Yashraj Films' 'Tashan' after his illness. It can't be helped. To sit and brood over it won't help. It's not just about what I want. It's more to do with the entire team. Anyone can cause a delay, and anything can go wrong," Anil told IANS before leaving for Australia.
The seasoned actor is happy with his roles in the films, and specially his new look in "Tashan".

"I'm very happy with my roles in both films. My new look for 'Tashan' has gone down very well with everyone...I'm now just enjoying the process of acting. In fact I'm enjoying life.

"Both 'Tashan' and 'Main Yuvraj' take me as far away from the formula as possible."

His own films apart, he is more excited about his daughter's debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Saawariya".

"When I went for the music launch of 'Saawariya', I was glowing from inside. I just had a blast. I've never been to a better music launch in my life," Anil remarked with pride.

Anil and director Subhash Ghai go back a long way. And the actor has unconditionally surrendered to Ghai's vision in "Main Yuvraj".

"I've never asked Mr Ghai about the size or scope of my role. I've just gone by my instincts...Yeah Salman is the leading man in 'Main Yuvraj'. But was I a supporting actor in Mr Ghai's 'Taal'? My role in 'Main Yuvraj' is substantial.

"Even if it wasn't I wouldn't mind doing it. I'd do anything for Subhash Ghai." said Anil.