Angry Niigaam lashes out at media!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 21 -- Sonu Niigaam found himself going ballistic on Twitter yesterday. Reacting to bad press about his hairstyle, Niigaam commented, "The entire media writes about my hairdo, and never wrote about my excellence in classical music. All they care is to run down musicians. Actors can come to a party in chappals and that's fine with them."

He further added, "I don't want my son to become a singer in India because we don't respect the madness of a musician here." He even said, "Next time I'll appear naked in a party. Let the media cope up with that." All this, after he began his day after what we presume was a night of solid partying by saying, "Some stupid woman in Enigma came up to me and said her mom wants me as her son-in-law. I tell the b***h that I am married and a father, so why does she expect me to be her ideal man?" Hope Monday is better.