Angry Birds to fume on big screen


By Hindustan Times

Angry Birds will have a bigger sky to roam, with Rovio Mobile, the Finnish creator of the popular cellphone game, announcing its plans for a movie adaptation of the application. Rovio has recently hired former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel as producer for the proposed film, which is likely
to be an animated feature.

“People are interacting with these characters six inches from them each time they play, and that creates an emotional connection,” Maisel said recently. “It’s a global thing that I’ve never seen before,” he added. The movie will take three to four years for production, say Rovio officials.

The game, which will be available in 3D from October, is about aiming a flock of multi-coloured birds through a catapult to break down structures made by evil green pigs, so the furry creatures can retrieve their eggs stolen by the hogs.

The game’s licensed merchandise is already selling like hotcakes in many countries, including India. The products, which include soft toys of the characters, school bags, water bottles, and T-shirts, can be bought online from the game’s website.