Anand Bhutkar speaks about animation work done for Dashavatar


By Esha Razdan, Bollywood Hungama News Network

"To assimilate ten avatars of Lord Vishnu with no loopholes was definitely not a cake walk," says enthusiastic graphic designer of Dashavatar, Anand Bhutkar. Yes, Dashavatar starring the voices of Shatrughan Sinha, Sachin Khedekar, Shreyas Talpade and many others, has become the path breaking venture to have ten pivotal characters in the lead unlike the films such as Hanuman and Krishna in the past, which had a single protagonist.

Bollywood Hungama speaks with Anand Bhutkar, the man behind the amazing graphics of Dashavatar.

"Temperament of each ten characters was an important feature that had been taken care of since the beginning," says Anand, who along with the director Bhavik Thakore has made films on small scale at Thakore's studio in Pune. He goes on to add, "The overall appearance of each character largely depended on the nature of the character like the colour 'blue' best suited the main character 'Lord Vishnu' for his generosity and the 'green' to 'Ravana' for his cruelty. "However, again the character of 'Lord Rama' and 'Vishnu' were built up on the similar lines, so, we actually had to do lot of brain storming to take final decision when the question of attire came into picture," claims Anand.

Looking at the promos, one can see the perfect the blend of colours used especially the colour 'pink' which is rarely seen in the recent animation films. Says Anand, "Well, 'pink' is the colour of romance which perfectly went with the theme of the scene where 'Lord Vishnu' takes the shape of fairy angel 'Mohini' (apsara) to divert the minds of devils (rakshas) to help 'Lord Indra' and his company to consume the holy water (amrit)," informs Anand.

The SFXs used play a crucial role for the overall look of the film. "Yes, before I go further, I must say that irrespective of the current scenario of softwares used in animation films, we put more emphasis on the quality rather than using the costliest software today keeping in mind the budget of the film," exclaims Anand. He continues, "Like Ravana's character demanded an electrifying effect which was given by using 'After Effects' and little bit of '2 D animation'. Then fish sequence was completely done on 3 D animation." He goes on to add, "Samundra Manthan was the mixture of '3 D Max animation' and 'After Effects' whereas the watery effect was given by using 'After Effects and Real Flow' and lastly, 'Particle Illusion' was used in the scene where 'Mohini' is wooing her Rakshas fans."

"The most challenging was to churn out the innovative caricatures of animal based characters like Narsimha (lion), Varaha (boar) and Matsya (fish) considering the fact that our audiences have seen them in different get ups already," states Anand. "To capture the expression in your mind, put that on paper and finally in the caricature was exciting and challenging as well."

What was the reaction of your director Bhavik Thakore after watching the final product? "Well…he was more than satisfied." He further adds, "Dashavatar has been very close to all of us considering the fact that it is our first commercial film under Bhavik Sir's guidance." "And, now we hope our hardwork gets paid off and we live up to the expectations of our audiences," he signs off.