Amul spreads over Aamir 'Ghajini' Khan


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

With the dawn of a very happy and a cheerful New Year 2009, one is left with only memories of the year gone by. As one may remember, 2008 happened to be one of the 'impactful' years for Bollywood. Because, besides many other things, it also saw the transformation of the chocolate hero Aamir into a muscular 'dude with an attitude' in the smash hit film Ghajini.

It really becomes needless to say that the Ghajini mania is spreading far and wide, faster than Shoaib Akhtar's yorkers! And for those who thought that it was only the media that worked faster than the speed of light, then, you better think again, because we discovered that there's someone (besides the media, of course) who work even faster than the proverbial speed. And that's none other than the super brilliant guys at Amul, who wasted no time in bringing out their latest ad campaign (as they always do), that has Aamir Khan's cartoon in his 8-packs with scribbling (read 'reminders') on his hands and body which read as 'I slice bread'', ' I make sandwich', while his chest reads 'Get Amul'.

We must say that it is indeed an interesting ad. But the guys at Amul should also remember that one may forget to breathe for a moment, but how can one forget Amul, all thanks to the timely and topical hammerings...we mean…spreadings! Kudos Amul, for 'buttering' us all over again!