Amrita Rao: Kids' day out


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Sept. 21 -- Dhobi Safedi Lal has dug out an actor called Amrita Rao. Remember there was a soft-spoken leading lady in Shahid Kapoor's Vivaah many years ago? She seems to have a soft corner for kids.

When she met a bunch recently at an event, they asked her if she could help them meet John Abraham since those kids were fascinated by the dimpled hero and his bikes. She agreed and asked John if he could make time to meet the bacchas for a few minutes. In the middle of his shoots, biker boy agreed and the kids were super thrilled.

Hmm, I must say Amrita is sweet but why be so saccharine sweet that even knee-high bacchas take advantage of you. Kab samjhegi! After all such is life dearies!