Amisha Patel: Party meeting!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 15 -- Oh, I didn't know Ameesha Patel was such a party animal and popular among people like Salman Khan and Sunanda Tharoor.

The girl has her own business now, and is getting into production and acting full on. Before that happens, her business partner turned a year older. So, to celebrate his birthday, the entire staff and Ameesha went off to Olive, Bandra for a party.

After killing time there till a little past midnight, the actor and her group moved to Salman's house, where the party continued for some more time. The gang was soon joined by Sunanda Tharoor, among Salman's other buddies. Since directors Priyadarshan and David Dhawan, the first ones to agree to work with Ameesha's company, couldn't make it to the impromptu bash, they had a quiet dinner at a popular suburban restaurant. Not bad Amsy!