All you wanted to know about Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal


By IndiaFM

Southall United Football Club is passing through the worst phase; it is bankrupt. There was only one chance to save the club and Arshad Warsi takes up the opportunity to revive the old Football group including the long forgotten coach Boman Irani. Now, Southall United must win the Combined Counties Football League in their otherwise last season. Its hard work as they approach their first game. John Abraham's dream to play for England crashes, as he is not taken in the team due to the color of his skin. John had always ridiculed Southall United. In addition to that, Arshad and John could not see eye to eye. To make matters worse Bipasha who is Arshad's sister is in love with John. Over time the team warms up to John, which builds team spirit and a constant progress, is seen in their game.

The only goal that the pragmatic John has is winning- with all of the material perquisites and fame that he can acquire. John will need to sacrifices everything he believed in for something, which he never believed. His love for Bipasha, his relationship with his father and his life are at stake. Set within this is a contemporary story of the Asian community in UK; the story takes an intimate look at a cross-section of Indians, Pakistanis, and other Asians living in England.