All eyes on 'Heroes'!


By Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Most directors fall in love with their films. Tell them to trim some sequences or reduce the length by a few minutes and they refuse all suggestions outright. In fact, most directors tend to lose objectivity when they complete the film and expect no suggestions from any quarters. But Samir Karnik is an exception.

While screening the film for the armed forces -- producers have to get a clearance from them if they depict armed forces in a film, prior to getting the censor clearance -- Samir decided to watch his film objectively and see where it slows. The moment he watched the film, as a viewer, he decided to delete 12 minutes' footage pronto.

"I felt the film was losing its grip at a few places, which is why I decided to trim the film myself. Instead of trimming the film later, it makes sense to trim it yourself, much before the final print is ready," Samir states. Meanwhile, the hype for the film is increasing by the day and one expects this multi-starrer to change the tide for better.