Ali Zafar won’t sing Sonu Nigam's song for Chasme Buddoor


By Hindustan Times

Actors and singers tend to be possessive about their scenes and songs, but singer-actor Ali Zafar chose to be the exception rather than the rule while working on Chashme Buddoor.

A source says, “The title track for Chashme Buddoor was recorded in singer Sonu Nigam’s voice when the film was launched. Initially, the plan was to play it with the opening credits, but then director David Dhawan decided to use the song while introducing Ali’s character in the film.” Ali has in the past sung a number, ‘Madhubala’, in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (2011) besides composing, writing and singing for his other movie, London, Paris, New York (2012).

And that’s why apparently the makers wanted Ali to sing the title track of Chashme Buddoor and use it in the film. The source adds, “But when Ali heard the track, he suggested that they maintain Sonu’s voice rather sing the same song. He said that he would be honoured to have Sonu sing for him as he admires and respects the singer a lot. So after a brainstorming session, the makers and Ali decided that he would render a reprised version of the song instead and it would be added to the album.”

Director of the movie David Dhawan says, “The song, ‘Har ek friend kameena hota hai’, is sung by Sonu and I love his voice, so there was no question of removing the song. Ali has sung a remixed version for the music album. It won’t be in the film. But Ali has a sung another romantic song that will be part of the movie.”