Akshay Kumar is our guy, says Delhi!


By Hindustan Times

Dilli da puttar Akshay Kumar is the city’s top choice for its brand ambassador. After the Maharashtra government approached actor Hrithik Roshan to be the face of the state, we conducted a survey among 200 young respondents to find who the Capital wants as its brand ambassador, and Akki, who grew up in the Capital, emerged the top contender with a clean 62% sweep. Other top contenders for the spot include actors Aamir Khan (17%), Salman Khan (10%) and Anushka Sharma (6%). Other actors who are endorsing states are Amitabh Bachchan for Gujarat, Shah Rukh Khan for West Bengal and Preity Zinta for Himachal Pradesh.

“Akshay is a Delhiite to the core, and sets an example for the entire state — he made it big without any godfather. So who better than him to represent the state?” says Kunal Bhatia, a DU student. “Akshay grew up in Chandni Chowk, so we can connect with him. Moreover, he is also straightforward and simple just the way Delhiites are,” says Sumedha, a student of Amity college.

The city’s P3 regulars agree. Actor and model Jas Arora says, “It has to be Akshay Kumar. He is from Delhi, is an ardent foodie and a complete Punjabi at heart.” Navin Ansal, entrepreneur, says, “Akshay Kumar is the best choice as he is from Old Delhi and has the true Dilliwala spirit.”

Bollywood also comes to his support: “Akshay Kumar should be Delhi’s face, because the city adores him,” says filmmaker Sajid Khan.

Some, however, feel Delhi does not need a celebrity face. “I don’t think a celebrated city like Delhi needs a brand ambassador. And if there has to be one, I would vouch for a common Dilliwala, like a cab driver,” says Anuja Chauhan, author. Designer Rina Dhaka says, “We should pick an unsung hero who has brought about a big change in the city.”