Akshay Kumar to make India’s first martial arts film


By Hindustan Times

Akshay Kumar, who has been promoting martial arts in the country for some time now, is set to take his passion a step further. The actor now plans to produce a full-fledged movie based on the arts. It will be the first of its kind in India.

However, he is unlikely to act in the film that his company Hari Om Entertainment will produce next year.

“In all likelihood, Akshay won’t star in the film. But matters are at a nascent stage right now, so it’s too early to say for sure. He wants to make the film as authentic as possible. That’s all he is concerned about,” says an insider, adding, “Akshay wants to promote the martial arts as much as he can. He feels his training in the combat form has contributed to his success as an action hero.”

Apparently, the actor is looking to rope in newcomers for the film. “Right now, the script is being worked on. Once he wraps up shooting for the films he is currently working on, Akshay will personally do the research and decide the cast of the film as well as who will direct it. He doesn’t want to leave anything to chance,” reveals the insider.

In the past, the actor has launched the Akshay Kumar Invitational Kudo (Judo and Karate) Tournament for young enthusiasts in the country. “Martial arts are not very popular in India, which is why he wants to help,” adds the insider.

Akshay himself remained unavailable for a comment.