Akshay Kumar: Karate kid


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Nov. 11 -- I don't know if he'll pursue it the way I did when he grows up, but Aarav is taking lessons in martial arts and in Parkour, a French sport. And, I think he's doing fine," says proud daddy Akshay Kumar, who is known for being a sports fanatic. Akki took up martial arts before becoming an actor and parkour only three years ago.

Sporty education

"It's really healthy to be involved in some kind of sport. Parkour keeps Aarav and me on our toes. And no form of education is ever a waste," Kumar says.

Apart from extra-curricular activities, does he ensure that his son pays attention to his studies, too? "Of course," he says. "His mother (Twinkle Khanna) and I are particular that Aarav never misses out on his studies. As a responsible parent, I understand that kids need a break, too. So, we only take off on holidays during his vacations in school. And, he takes his studies pretty seriously, too." Too early for movies

It is rumoured that Aarav would make his Bollywood debut playing the role of his father as a child in Nikhil Advani's Patiala House. "No, that's not correct. It's too early for him to get into movies. As an adult, he will follow a career of his choice, whether it's acting or anything else. His mother and I will always support him," says the actor-producer, who's keen on producing more sport-oriented films.

Does he have any particular sport in mind? "I love all kinds of sports. If we weave in an emotional story with it, it becomes an excellent entertainment package," he says. "After Break Away, which is about a father and a son with ice hockey as a backdrop, I'll be happy to produce another sports movie, but only if I find the right script for it."