Akshay Kumar: I'll play with my son and his friends!



Mumbai, June 1 -- On HT No TV Day (June 1), Akshay Kumar plans to keep his TV switched off, and go out and play with his 11-year-old son, Aarav, and his friends.

Akshay says, "Fortunately, the members of my family aren't really TV junkies; we're more into cinema. So, I'll probably call my son's friends over to our house and have football, cricket and volleyball matches against the boys from our building."

The actor known for his fitness, doesn't, however, have just sporting activities on his mind. He says, "I might even have a picnic in the garden. But one thing is for sure, the TV sets will be off. This can serve as a reminder of how fortunate we are that this (television) is a technology that can be switched off."

Known to be a massive cricket fan, Akshay says that he is glad that the No TV Day initiative has come after the recent T20 domestic tournament has concluded. "I'm very grateful that this great idea is not happening during the T20 season; I'd have probably cried if it did," he says, adding, "On a serious note, it's genuinely a brilliant idea, since the world of technology and gadgets have practically taken over every household."

Akshay also urges all his fans and the people of Mumbai to go outdoors and celebrate No TV Day. "I think, on this day, we should make all efforts possible to stay away from the addiction of the small screen by switching off our TV sets. I hope kids will find a ball to play with, couples will crowd the beaches, restaurants will be full, and parents will enjoy a bit of peace and quiet," he says. "Plus, the amount of electricity that our city in particular, and the country in general, would be able save in one day is tremendous."