Akshay Kumar to do Special 26 sequel

By Hindustan Times

Akshay Kumar's toned-down avatar as a fake CBI officer carrying out mock-raids across the country in Neeraj Pandey's Special 26 has gone down extremely well with the audience. The film is a certified hit. And now the producers Viacom 18 are keen to carry the heist-tale forward into not only a sequel but an ongoing franchise, a la Hollywood heist-brand Oceans 11/12...and so on.

The one who is most relieved and happy is director Neeraj Pandey who had his fingers crossed about the success of his second feature film. Says Neeraj, "There was less at stake in A Wednesday as it didn't feature any major stars. But Special 26 featured Akshay Kumar and we were anxious to see how audiences reacted to his character and performance. Fortunately audiences have embraced Akshay's unusual performance. All the actors were my first choices and I was glad that t