Akshay Kumar apologises to fans


By Hindustan Times

A series of tweets about Akshay Kumar's Indo-Canadian venture Speedy Singhs by a TV channel has offended the actor's fans. However, Akshay Kumar has clarified that it has not been done by the makers of the movie.

The actor posted on his Twitter account: "Dear All, I set out to produce #SpeedySinghs coz I love sports and always take an initiative to do my bit in that direction. I have recently come across a third-party promotion of the film on social media by a TV channel that has offended some fans. Let me assure you that has not been done by us as part of the film's promotion and I have already spoken to the channel to withdraw this immediately."

The actor went on to apologise for the same: "Even though not deliberate, I deeply apologize if this has offended any one. I remain completely respectful of all sentiments."

Well Akshay, we trust you.