Akshay, Deepika undergo 'Wushu' training


By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Sep 2 (IANS) Akshay Kumar, who hasn't done a full-on

action film in seven years, is undergoing training in the martial art form

called Wushu with co-star Deepika Padukone for Warner Brothers' first

Bollywood film "Made In China".

So far, the chief practitioners of Wushu on the large screen have been

Jackie Chan and Jet Lee. Akshay has always idolised Jackie Chan and has

to an extent modelled his career on the Chinese action hero. In "Made In

China" he gets to do a full-on homage to his idol.

"Akshay has been a martial arts student for years," director Nikhil

Advani told IANS. "The Wushu style is very big in China. Jet Li and Jackie

Chan constantly practice it," he added.

Apparently, the script was written with Akshay in mind.

Advani said: "My writer Sridhar Raghavan and my Indian producer

Rohan Sippy designed the film with Akshay in mind. It was either Akshay

or no one else for the role. We needed a lead pair who could do the action

scenes with the grace of dancers. Both Deepika and Akshay are

phenomenal dancers and athletes."

"Made in China", with Ramesh and Rohan Sippy serving as the Indian

producers, will start shooting in China from Jan 2008.

Shanghai, Beijing and a village near the Chinese capital are the

locations selected for India's first film to be shot in China.

It will be shot at a stretch in six months from January to May. Akshay

and Deepika will be in China for almost six months, with their respective

families coming in and out of the country.