Akki too busy for MasterChef India


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 31 -- Actor Akshay Kumar, who was he first celeb judge on Masterchef India when it started last year, hasn't had the time to watch the current season. The show is being anchored and judged by three chefs instead of two chefs and movie star unlike the last season. The action star wishes the show luck with TRPs, and admits he could return to the format next season.

"This year, I couldn't take it up because it was coming too close to Khatron Ke Khiladi Torchaar and was also clashing with movie assignments. So, it was wise to not take up a show rather than to take it up and leave it in a lurch. And Masterchef India is my baby. I couldn't have done injustice to the show," says Akshay, who at the beginning of his career and before becoming an actor, worked at a local fast food joint in Thailand while training in martial arts.

He adds, "Next season, if it completely works out with my other assignments, I'm game for it." The actor anchored and judged the first season of Masterchef India that opened with a dismal 2.6 points but towards the finale, crossed the 4-point mark. "I wasn't stressed about the TRPs. So, I don't want chef Vikas Khanna to feel the stress either," says Akshay, adding that he'd not like a professional chef to be compared to him. "His job revolves around food. And in my case, it was a passion that turned into a job opportunity. If I had it my way, I would ask him to just go in to that kitchen and have fun with the contestants. Numbers will follow."

Few know that the action star uses cooking as a stress-buster. Today, apart from making sandwiches and parathas, he also claims to know the trick to get the Green Thai Curry right. "The first time I made it in Bangkok, I didn't want to taste it. I took it to my head chef and he just told me try harder next time," Akshay recalls. "Today if he were to taste the curry I make, I'm sure he would be proud of me."