Ajay to get candid in Koffee with Karan


By Hindustan Times

Media shy and introvert Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn, who doesn't approve of reality and chat shows much, will soon be seen on Koffee with Karan. Ajay has been apprehensive about this show in earlier seasons. So what made him change his mind this time around?

Karan Johar has done the next to impossible task of getting Ajay on his show for this season. Although, it took a lot of convincing, as Ajay finds the show's nature irrelevant and is a reserved person.

"Karan was keen to have Kajol make an appearance with her husband this season but she excused herself playing the baby card. She, however, urged her hubby to go on the show. Devgn agreed, after being told that the show has toned down and that he wouldn't be made uncomfortable," a source told Mid Day.

AjayThe source added, "the host was thrilled to have Ajay on the show. Prior to the shoot, Ajay and KJo were closeted together for two hours in the make-up van."

However, Karan makes it seem not such a difficult deal.

"We have been chatting a lot. Initially, Ajay had reservations, but I told him we will make it fun and comfortable and not gossipy. I wanted to catch a glimpse of Ajay and who he is and I think I managed that," Karan told the tabloid.

As expected, Ajay Devgn episode is non-controversial.

"The show caters to the celebrity guest and his persona and Ajay is strong and solid with a fantastic sense of humour as his friends and family know him to have. I discovered that too. He has emerged as the biggest survivor with a tremendous career graph in the last 20 years and I wanted to chat with him in that zone. We wrapped up in an hour and he was very funny, witty and sharp with some interesting observations," added Karan.

Ajay, who's known for his pranks, will impress the viewers.

"Ajay was very good in the rapid fire round, where he answered everything candidly and quickly; surprising even Karan who didn't expect him to have such a sharp sense of humour," revealed the source.

Do not miss Ajay in candid mode sipping Koffee.