Ajay Devgn’s dance step makes it to film


By Hindustan Times

Actor Ajay Devgn is quite a doting father who not only showers his kids with lots of love, but also pampers them with gifts.

It so happened one day that Ajay was busy amusing his two-year-old baby Yug when he noticed how the toddler was excited when Devgn did a chest pumping step to entertain him.

Yug was so amused that it became a regular antic done by Devgn to make Yug giggle.

Incidentally, one day when baby Yug was visiting Devgn on the sets of Son Of Sardar, Devgn did the step for him and the makers of the film who noticed it, instantly decided to incorporate it in one scene in the movie as it fit perfectly with the set up, theme and sequence being shot that day informed a source close to the team.