Ajay Devgan inaugurates YUVA Foundation of Mumbai


By IndiaFM

Ajay Devgan, on Wednesday was seen trying to do his bit for the youth of the country. He was the first member of the new youth initiative taken up by the Congress Party. He inaugurated a social organization for the youth called "YUVA Foundation of Mumbai" floated by Sanjeev Kalle (Billu) to fight against corruption. Over 2500 children were given gift hampers and were left spell bound with the variety of entertainment programs.Inaugurating the forum Ajay Devgan said, “I am glad that Sanjeev has taken this initiative to guide the youth. Coming from a responsible politician this is a very welcome step, which will help integrate the younger members of society to the mainstream. It is important to guide the younger generation and help mould them into better individuals. I offer my best wishes to YUVA and hope that it succeeds in its cause to weed out corruption from our society. I will always be available for such noble causes and do my part in contributing to the betterment of our neighborhood."

Ajay Devgan plays a similar role in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s film, Halla Bol, - the one who fights corruption to regain his own identity. He had earlier played a role in Yuva, which encourages youngsters to be a part of politics. Finally, an actor who practices what he preaches.