Aiyyo! Flop show!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 16 -- Last weekend was the most unsuccessful one for Bollywood this year. All three releases - Aiyyaa, Bhoot Returns and Makkhi - were duds at the box-office. And none are expected to sustain business through the week.

Trade analyst Komal Nahta says, "Both Aiyyaa and Bhoot Returns are really bad movies. And on Monday they hit rock bottom. As for Makkhi, though the film received appreciation, the absence of a well-known star in it meant that the film couldn't connect with the audience. Though the actor is famous in the Telugu film industry, people here don't know him. Also, the movie title created some confusion. It has been a weekend with horrendous collections."

Film exhibitor and distributor Akshaye Rathi agrees. "Bhoot Returns is the one film that delivered what was expected of it: a disastrous performance. It's about time (director) Ram Gopal Varma realises that he needs to make films to entertain the audience rather than pull off gimmicks that excite only him. It's a dead duck at the box-office."

He adds, "Aiyyaa opened very badly at the box office. Reviews suggest that it's un-entertaining and slow. With that, I don't see it doing well either."

Trade analyst Vinod Mirani also believes the films that have released this weekend have a hopeless week ahead. "Makkhi didn't do well because of the lack of good promotions. As for the other two, they're not going to last. Some theatres stopped on the shows on Saturday itself."

According to trade figures, English Vinglish and OMG Oh My God! - films that are in their second and third week respectively - are doing way better than any of the newly released movies.