After major flop Aishwarya still queen...

Ok so Aishwarya had a major flop ; the half baked, Bollywood-Hollywood "Bride & Prejudice." But we say (and over a billion concur...) Aishwarya is still the reigning Queen of Bollywood.

Bride and Prejudice - major flop.

Here is what Aishwarya had to say in this Newsweek Interview:

So if she had asked you to kiss, would you have?

It's all about making a movie. I mean, I really work with filmmakers and it just makes my experience that much more memorable and worthwhile if I'm working with a director with a vision rather than with directors who want to put in given ingredients [like kissing] just to make the movie marketable. But in the future if a director deems it extremely important and imperative, then it means we can get into a discussion to see how we can go forth and achieve what needs to be achieved.

Does that mean a kissing scene is possible in the near future?