After dispute with makers, Salim-Sulaiman back to Heroine


By Hindustan Times

Composers Salim-Sulaiman have returned to work on the music of Heroine after a dispute with the producers UTV Motion Pictures was resolved. The production house had earlier refused to pay the duo additional royalty as per their demand. Now, the issue has been settled with both parties agreeing on partial royalty.

Confirming this, Salim says, “Yes, we have sorted it out. The issue is a little complicated to explain, but it involved royalty issues.

We have come to an amicable solution and we’re definitely doing Heroine now.” The producers too, are glad. “It’s great to be working with Salim-Sulaiman again after our hugely successful association on Fashion (2008),” says Siddharth Roy Kapur, CEO of UTV Motion Pictures, adding, “The musical score for Heroine needs a style and range that they are best suited for. All of us in the UTV team and Madhur are glad that they are on board.”

For the Madhur Bhandarkar-directed film, that has been the second upheaval, following Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy and subsequent exit from the film this summer. At that time, thankfully, the duo had not gone too far with Heroine’s music. “Earlier, we had done a little bit of work, some very preliminary compositions when Aishwarya was on board. We had just sketched out some basic ideas on one of the songs,” says Salim.

After Kareena Kapoor stepped in to take over the lead role, Salim-Sulaiman are waiting to hear the final draft of the script, following which they will start work on the soundtrack from scratch. Salim asserts, “The script has gone through a lot of change, from what I heard. Madhur is going to narrate the new script to us very soon, following which, we will start right away.”