After Bachchans, Deols plan to tap collective equity ...

By Subhash K Jha, Indo-Asian News Service

Mumbai, April 29 (IANS) Inspired by brand name Bachchan, the Deols are

now planning their own collective strategy.

If Anil Sharma's "Apne", which features Dharmendra and his sons

Sunny and Bobby Deol, is a success the family intends to come together in

other films as well.

"It all depends on how 'Apne' does," says Bobby. "But we do want to

come together. And why not? We're a formidable force...we need to find

the right scripts."

Bobby feels the long wait for a film featuring the family has been worth


"My father, my brother and I waited all these years to come together.

That's because we didn't want to do a script that didn't excite us. I think

'Apne' is the right vehicle for us."

Though the Deols haven't produced the film, the actor says it's a big

event for the family.

"I feel 'Apne' is our own film. Everyone who has seen it says the

movie has turned out to be an ideal vehicle for the Deol family."

Bobby has six releases scheduled for release in 2007.

"I've never had more than two releases in a year. So I'm naturally

excited. My first release will be the small budget 'Nanhe Jaisalmer' where I

play myself. Contrary to rumours, I don't have a guest appearance in the

film. I'm there throughout. All my scenes are with a kid who's brilliant. It's

a very real film."

He smiles and adds: "While I'm the baby in 'Apne', I'm all grown up in

'Nanhe Jaisalmer'."