After 40 songs, Manish Acharya's next is songless


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Manish Acharya whose US-based satire on music reality-shows The Loins Of Punjab Presents… created a worldwide stir is now looking at Mumbai for creative sustenance. His next film in Hindi is a comic thriller that's set in Mumbai and Tokyo.

Says Manish, "Loins Of Punjab Presents… went further than I expected. Now it's time to return home. I'm making my next film out of Mumbai. And it's a comic thriller set in two cities. The language this time would be purely Hindi…or as pure as it can get."

Manish wants one of the A-lister Khans to play the lead in his comic thriller. "But to me the greatest excitement is not having songs in the film. After forty songs in my last film that's quite a break. My comic thriller may have music and songs in the background like Johnny Gaddaar. But the characters aren't going to stop in their tracks to sing songs."