Aftab recommends Nisha!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 8 -- Howdee doo hoo my honey-fried noodleys! How goes it in your duniya? It's pretty crazy in mine, thanks to some pathetic jokes around these days. Anyways, why waste time and breathe on such insignificant things and people? Instead, let's get straight to the point, your dose of daily goss from glamour gaon. Read on sweetums to know what no one else will ever tell you....

Okay, so we know that Aftab Shivdasani is back in the movies with a film called Bin Bulaye Baraati or something such. Now, don't be nasty to the boy for I always maintained that he's a good actor, though ridden with bad luck. Never mind if his heroine in this movie is Priyanka Kothari.

Yeah, the same Nisha Kothari, whose only claim to fame is mentor Ram Gopal Varma. So, mudde ki baat is that it was Affy who recommended Priyanka's name as his leading lady in the movie. Sher Lock Holmes tells me that the actor, Aftab, not Nisha sillies, hung around at RGV's film factory for a couple of months in the hope of bagging a movie.

It's another thing that Ramu hasn't yet cast him in any of his projects lined up. But Affy is not giving up hope. According to my super sleuth, the Mast and Masti actor ensured Nisha was signed up as his heroine, hoping that this deed will strengthen his case enough in his mentor's good books so as to get a movie with RGV's film factory.

Looks like someone forgot to tell Affy that Ramu is not too fond of Nisha (or Priyanka or whatever she chooses to call herself), anymore. Tsk tsk.