Adnan Sami: Tale of two wives!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, July 29 -- Singer Adnan Sami's separation from ex-wife Sabah Galadani, who he married twice, is only getting messier. Recently, Sabah discovered that Sami's fourth and current wife, Roya Faryabi, was living in the plush apartment at Lokhandwala Complex, which, Sabah says, now belongs to her. She has also got an eviction order from the Family Court. Meanwhile, Roya has refused to leave her husband's side and Sami has challenged the court order, pointing out that his re-marriage to Sabah is null and void.

According to Muslim law, if a woman (in this case Sabah) chooses to remarry her ex-husband (in this case Adnan), she is first required to take on another husband and divorce him. Sami insists that he was made to believe that Sabah had followed the procedure. And, he gifted her property as a declaration of his love.

"I was deceived. When I transferred the property to her, Sabah wasn't my legally-wedded wife," Sami, who's raised the same point in the Family Court, says. Sabah then filed an appeal and the dispute is now in the Supreme Court.

Sami has now refused to vacate the premises. "I have faith in the judiciary. I wish Sabah had gone about in a civilised manner instead of harassing my family and me," he says. Sabah had earlier filed a complaint against Sami alleging that he was an alcoholic and had roughed her up. "I don't drink now; I used to, but downing a few pegs doesn't make me an alcoholic. I wouldn't even hurt a fly. If I was such bad husband, why did she come back?" questions Sami, who married Roya on April 3 this year.

Meanwhile, Sabah's lawyer Mrunalini Deshmukh says, "It is incorrect for Adnan to speak on the issue in the media. Sabah was given this apartment by a valid registered gift deal."