Adnan Sami derides attacks on Mumbai


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Adnan is acutely pained by the terror attacks on Mumbai. "What has happened is completely barbaric. It's an act of war, a cowardly war. Jehad is meant to save your country and religion from people who are armed and dangerous. In Mumbai, they attacked innocent and helpless people. If these people think this is jehad then I've no patience with them."

Adnan can't bear the mayhem in the name of religion. "The people who have done this to Mumbai in the name of jehad need to understand what the word means. As far as I'm concerned, these terrorists have no religion. If they're doing it in the name of religion they need to redefine religion. Islam doesn't permit this mayhem."

Adnan who's a qualified lawyer says, "The law says if someone strikes you with a danda you can't protect yourself with a pistol. The law only allows you to defend yourself with the same weapon that you're attacked with. These people came into a hotel and took defenseless people hostage. As far as I'm concerned, these people are not Islamic at all."